Increase Your Business Growth With Our Customized Machine Learning Solutions

Take the maximum advantage of the data in hand with powerful machine learning tools and techniques made to work efficiently by our expert team to enable data driven solutions. We deploy advanced machine learning algorithms to train your systems to listen, analyze and make critical decisions for routine business functions.

With our machine learning solutions we make your customer experience fully optimized and streamline day to day business operations fully automated by taking advantage of voice, image and video analytics to enhance productivity and problem solving skills.

Machine Learning Offerings From Solstice Solutions

ML For Predictive Analytics

Make use of available data and foresee future expectations and insights on what is coming up next and be prepared to handle the challenges to increase customer satisfaction and optimize service delivery.

ML For Natural Language Processing

We offer powerful NLP solutions to understand the natural communication of humans in various forms, whether verbal or written, to automate responses in your IoT devices, application bots and document processing services.

ML For Deep Learning

We provide advanced deep learning solutions by gathering and analyzing structured and unstructured data to create new business models and enable innovative solutions for complex scenarios.

ML For Marketing Automation

We use cutting edge machine learning algorithms for effective marketing campaigns thru various digital media channels to send timely offers, promotions, discounts, coupons, etc., by continuously analyzing past and present data sets.

ML For Customer Delight

Get to know what your customers habits and needs, position your products and services to match their expectations, price your products right, monitor customer satisfaction, take timely remedial actions and retain valued customers.

ML For Video And Image Analytics

Derive valuable data from videos and images and use it to your advantage by identifying objects, recognizing attributes, tag multiple entities, etc., for making informed business decisions and choices.

Why is Solstice Solutions Your Best Machine Learning Solutions Provider?

Exploring Data

We explore and understand the available data, make processes to get adequate data sets and analyze if they are sufficient to make a machine learning solutions suitable for your business.

Create Model

Getting the mined data cleared and prepared for making powerful algorithms to create ML models and train them for perfection till the model satisfies all the given objectives.

Go Live

A thoroughly tested and proven machine learning algorithm specific for the task it is made, is deployed using various available tools and platforms ideally suited for the requirement.

Support And Scale

We understand and support you post implementation, get your inputs, tweak and fine tune algorithms for data patterns that continue to evolve and help scale as per business needs.

Various Industries using ML

Banking and Finance



Oil and Gas Industry




Marketing and Sales