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Solstice Solutions is one among the top blockchain development companies in North America with a strong team of professional blockchain developers, architects, design experts who are adept in testing, implementation, integration, management and support to help unraveling the complexities behind the digital asset revolution across the world.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digital record of transactions stored in ledgers spread across multiple locations and which are cryptographically signed so alteration cannot be done to make changes to the original entry. This makes blockchain the safest digital asset yet to be invented. Solstice6 help businesses develop their own secure blockchain solutions for their products and services and gain a foothold on the fast emerging technology.

Blockchain Integration

With our powerful blockchain integration services, you can create your own trusted business solutions with secure transactions unaffected by trust deficit, country specific monitory policies and global currency fluctuations towards a transparent cross border business dealings.

Shared Ledger Development

We develop shared ledger to allow appending only the distributed entry record which makes it more secure as the core entry record remains unchangeable but still makes the record available to view and transact with access permission.

Public Blockchain Development

We provide robust public blockchain development for assets which can be shared and transacted by anyone without permission on a consent based system to advance the blockchain solution.

Private Blockchain Development

Get our experts create your own unique private blockchain which can be accessed only by trusted sources known to you. We provide the most efficient and highly secure private blockchain architecture.

Smart Contract Development

We offer the best smart contract development for your blockchain with built in mechanism, which are made efficient by implementing self executing code to carry out transactions based on specific terms and conditions.

Tech Stack

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